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Do You Need a Money Back Guarantee?

Any design sets purchased from this site can be refunded within the first 15 days of purchase if you find that it is not working as it is supposed to and if you have contacted our support and we are unable to fix the issue to your satisfaction.

How many blocks will Oxyblock have?

The first release will have 72 blocks and each month we will add much more. We do not have an exact number of blocks that Oxyblock will have but it will be the most complete for your entire website.

How many websites can I use Oxyblock on?

Our Yearly plan can be used on a single website and receives updates for one year. The Lifetime plan can be used on unlimited websites and has a lifetime update.

Do I get a Design Kit?

When you buy Oxyblock you get a design kit for Figma. Make your copy, design and prototype to later save time in the development of your entire website.

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