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with Design UI v2

Create unlimited visual references, defining in detail the content and visual distribution. You will make decisions in a much more agile, simple and quicker way in the creation of websites.


Begin By Organizing The Blocks

Design UI has 12 categories that will make it much easier for you to organize your ideas and how to arrange the different elements of your website. Create from a Landing Page to a complete website.

Multiple Categories

Blog, Call To Action, Contact, Content, Footer, Header, Hero & Titles. People, Pricing, Showcase, Slider, Tabs & Accordions and Social Proof.

Editable Blocks

Add, Edit and/or delete the content of each block of the different categories of your website.

Custom Fonts

Text styles are divided into Heading (Colossus, Super, Hero, Display, H1, H2, H3 and etc), Overline, Paragraph and etc.

Custom Colors

The color styles are divided into Base Colors (Primary, Secondary and etc), Feedback, Elevation and White.

Great Variety Of Components

Customize the components to give it a unique style and visualize it immediately in your prototypes. It is divided into Blog, Testimonials, FAQ, Team, Counter, Features, Pricing and etc.

The Only Source Of Truth

A page with the elements that will allow you to define, prototype and develop a website. It is a series of components (Colors, Typography, Buttons and etc) that you can then reuse in different combinations or better with the Design UI blocks.


You will get a .fig file so you can import into Figma and start your prototypes.

Auto Layouts

Spend more time iterating and less time moving things around.

Unlimited Upgrade

More blocks in each update, and if it is for life!

Unlimited Projects

Use it in 1, 5, 25 or better in all projects, and if it's for life!

Enable Dark Mode!

Dark Mode for Design UI

A fundamental step in user interface development plans. You can choose Light, Dark or both versions in your prototypes. It has several visual changes in all blocks, categories, components and etc.

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